Penny Gane

Penny is a senior consultant with Abbeville Associates, and a highly effective and experienced consultant and trainer. Currently also a Director of Gem consultancy, she has held senior positions in both the public and private sectors as: Director of Public /Private Partnerships with the Tribal Group, Development Manager of the Bristol Strategic Partnership and District Director and Head of Sustainable Development, Health and Community Safety at Bristol City Council bringing an unusual combination of skills, knowledge and experience to her work. She draws on a background in teaching English, Drama and Media production.

Assignments include:

  • North Somerset PCT: Drafting the Gender Equality Scheme and action plan following consultation with staff, patients and partner organisations.
  • Croydon PCT: Drafting Single Equality Scheme. Organising stakeholder consultation event for equalities communities. Auditing Disability Equality Scheme, Race Equality Scheme and Gender Equality Scheme.
  • University of West of England: Developing toolkit on Equality Impact Assessment. Training managers in Equality Impact Assessment. Producing documentary video on equality and diversity issues with staff and students as training resource.
  • South Gloucestershire Council: Training managers in Equality Impact Assessment and briefing on new equalities framework.
  • Ashfield Young Offenders Institution: Leadership and management development for all tiers of education management.
  • District Vision: Raising the local government Equality Standard levels in 13 district councils in North East England following research into barriers for progress and research into best practices. Training groups of equality officers, service managers and elected members in tailored sessions followed by a session involving all 3 groups to develop action plans in each authority with 3 champions per authority. Compiling report with recommendations for raising equality standard levels across the North East for Improvement Partnership.
  • Surrey County Council: Training managers including Fire Service and Disability Forum in Equality Impact Assessment of policies, projects and practices.
  • Salisbury District Council: Consultancy support on equality and diversity including auditing policies against legal requirements, researching best practice, developing an action plan and providing training on equality duties for senior officers.
  • Wiltshire County Council and District Councils: Producing a practical handbook for managers in the public sector on how to recruit and retain people with disabilities. Running a county conference for public sector and people with disabilities on disability equality duty.
  • Bristol Public and Patients Forum: Facilitation of action planning and prioritisation.
  • Specialist Schools and Academies Trust: Auditing progress on equality and diversity in relation to equality standard for local government, consulting staff and producing an action plan to ensure progress. Advising on race, gender and disability equality schemes.
  • Wolverhampton Partnership: Reviewing Wolverhampton’s Community Strategy and integrating Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy and Local Area Agreement. Setting up consultation process and establishing new priorities. Integrating equalities and diversity and sustainable development into new framework.
  • Two international companies: Running focus groups and senior management interviews on gender and age in two international companies leading to company- wide equality action plans.
  • Bristol Digital Challenge: Bringing together stakeholders to deliver aspects of Bristol’s Digital Challenge, a project designed to bring about greater community cohesion to excluded communities through the use of digital technology.
  • United Bristol Health Trust: Working with Chair, CEO, managers and staff to introduce innovative car use reduction programme throughout the organisation.
  • Bristol PCT: Working with CEO, managers and staff to introduce innovative car use reduction programme throughout the organisation.
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