Diane Bunyan

Diane is a senior consultant with Abbeville Associates. She is a highly skilled and experienced consultant and trainer. With a track record as a strategic innovator and leader, Diane was recognised for her strong leadership by the Audit Commission during time as leader of Bristol City Council. She specialises in equality, diversity and social cohesion issues, in particular in assisting organisations to respond effectively to the needs of the most disadvantaged and isolated communities. Diane has worked at national and international level where she is a highly regarded expert on equality and diversity.

A particular area of expertise is gender equality, including being an Expert to the Congress of Municipalities and Regions of Europe (CEMR) and to the Council of Europe. As UN Habitat Expert, Diane has undertaken the European section of the Global Assessment of the Empowerment of Women.

Other recent equalities related work includes:

  • Consultant to the South West Regional Improvement and Efficiency partnership supporting local authorities and partners to deliver and mainstream equality and diversity issues and meet the requirements of different inspection programmes. Delivering training and support to elected councillors and officers;
  • Assessing the equality impact of the grievance procedure and its implementation for the University of Salford including interviews with staff, suggesting amendments to the policy and identifying training requirements;
  • Designing a toolkit for staff to use to undertake equality impact assessments for the University of the West of England and delivering training for senior managers conducting the assessments;
  • Assessing the equality impact of the reconfiguration of the delivery of haemophilia services in London and the South eas;
  • Drafting the Gender Equality Scheme and action plan for North Somerset PCT, following consultation with staff, patients and partner organisations;
  • Auditing progress on all aspects of equality and diversity for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and producing an action plan to ensure progress;
  • Advising the Equal Opportunities Commission on the content of the guidance to local authorities on the Gender Equality Duty;
  • Training in Equality Impact Assessments for a County Council;
  • Training for equality specialists, service managers and elected members on how to raise the local government Equality Standard levels in the district councils in the NE England following research into barriers for progress/best practices;
  • Producing a practical handbook for managers in the public sector on how to implement the Disability Equality Duty in employment;
  • Comprehensive Performance Inspector for the Audit Commission.

Diane has been a Speaker at international events including at the Urban Futures conference, the Forum for the Future of Democracy, the UN investigation into the status of women in New York and the World Women’s Forum in Seoul.

She is a member of the Watershed Media Centre Council of Management.